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Asset Manager

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Your world-class
Asset Manager.

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ABC Asset Management is Thailand's world-class leading asset manager. We work closely with our highly qualified professional team of expertises in real estates, hospitality and legal advisors together as one team in 6 offices worldwide. ABC provides total solutions for hospitality, real estates and investment management services to individual, families, trusts and companies across the world.

Our Core Competencies

Our team of expertise understand the individualistic nature of both our clients and their customers and the current trends. We understand these challenges work and are here to tearing down all barriers for our clients. 


Our team of expertise understands the opportunities and threats inherent in all forms of hospitality business and its operations. We offer flexible solutions designed tailored to bring stability and security to an inconsistent tourism world whilst maximising the opportunities presented for a sustainable future. 

Our Approaches

With an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of every aspect of hospitality elements from assessment to delivery and implementation. Our implementation approaches are tailored to your unique requirements.


The experienced team of specialists will find solutions to fit your goals. Through forward-thinking strategic plans and pertinent advices, our unique approach to hospitality and real estates services are driven by intelligent and trusted relationships ensuring measurable successful results.

Our Philosophy

ABC Asset Management is the leading Thai Hospitality  & Asset Management group.  As industry pioneers, we actively embrace change to remain at the forefront of our industry. We are your single point of contact for all your hospitality, investment and asset management needs and requirements. 


With our focuses on providing personal advice to bespoke private and institutional clients around the world, powered by personalised approaches and tailored-made expertises based our client's unique needs and requirements.

Our Expertises

We recognise that asset management needs are increasingly sophisticated. With our sound reputation for personalised approaches and services discreet to client’s individual and unique needs, we draw on a wealth of in-house expertise and industry knowledge. 


We provide you access to our solutions, alongside our global-reach capabilities to meet your needs. With our international experience and strong understanding of local markets, we are committed to a highly personalised and holistic approach to managing your onshore and offshore hospitality and investment asset management objectives.

With a long and distinguished reputation to uphold, we pride ourselves on having a highly skilled and experienced team to help our clients with their property searches. 

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